Hood vs Ebay

hood vs ebay
Few weeks ago, triggered by the high fees that ebay was applying and how those were impacting my auctions (9% of sale price + auction fees), I decided to have a closer look at alternatives.

I live in Germany and here I have discovered that along with ebay.de, there is only another credible service, hood.de.
It is much smaller of course, but it has been running for 10 years now, with more than a million users they claim, so it must be doing something good I thought. One of those good things is that it has fixed fee auctions, and you can get it to zero, if you do not want any extra service.

I decided to put it to test. I had two identical iMacs that I wanted to sell to substitute them with newer models. So I put one on sale on Ebay and the other on Hood, with the same picture and conditions (starting price, auction duration, etc).

The result is shown in the following table

Property hood.de ebay.de
Visits 126 447
Observers 8 75
Bids 20 23
Final price € 530.00 € 595.00
Net price € 527.82 € 550.00
Days 5 5
End time 02/11/2011 20:05:00 31/10/2011 19:02:54

So in the end I got € 22 more from the ebay auction, notwithstanding the higher fees.
Following this experiment, I decided to make a test with items that tipically you find in garage sales, shortly before they get dumped and that you are happy to sell even for one Euro. Well also in this case Ebay beats Hood hands down. All the items below went unsold on hood, and went sold for well more than one Euro in almost all the cases when placed on ebay

hood.de price ebay.de price
Wandregale unsold Wandregale € 5,00
Kunstrasen unsold Kunstrasen € 9,50
Laptop Tisch unsold Laptop Tisch € 1,00
Einlegeboden unsold Einlegeboden € 6,00
Total € 0,00 Total € 21,50

Even after auction fees, with Ebay I got more than 20 euros out of items that would otherwise go to the dump shortly after.

Sorry Hood, I’ll keep trying, but for the time beeing Ebay wins.